“Yes We Can!”

There’s nothing like the diligent work of reading milestones and running assessments to point out all the things your child cannot yet do.  Ugh, it can be discouraging, but it’s part of the journey.  I love when my little big guy blows me away in a capability I’ve just realized he hasn’t yet accomplished.

Today, I went over an assessment with his provider and realized he doesn’t request going to favorite places.  He doesn’t really talk about the future, nor does he seem to have preferred places, so I was a little discouraged that he may still be a long way from that ability.  Until about 30 minutes later.

I was tucking him in for nap time, and he said, “Uh-body wake up, go uh “Yes we can!’”  I didn’t respond, but watched his face.  He saw my puzzled look, and repeated it.  Until I finally had clarifying questions: “Yes we can?  Bob the Builder?  The science center?”  To all of these, he said, “Yes!”  He wanted to go to the science center when everybody woke up.  Speech-wise this was probably his longest sentence yet, but I was blown away by his memory, his concept of the future, and him having preferred places.

Why does God nourish my hope so well?  On this journey I expect to see trials, work through pain, wait for answers, and God has provided comfort and hope much more often and more frequently than I could ask for.  I am so grateful for the continued miraculous progress we are getting to see, even on a daily basis.


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