Working Toward Recovery

I came across this blog post, and while I haven’t read the article mentioned, this post strikes a few chords with me, from diagnosis to recovery.

If you aren’t educated about special needs, you may think nothing can be done about congenital conditions.  I am so grateful to learn so many developmental challenges can be significantly improved upon, or even overcome, by the right intervention.  I’m very hopeful for every child facing a developmental difficulty.

One of the hardest things about receiving a diagnosis, is knowing you’ll have to tell your family, who may think, or even say, “Oh, leave him alone.  He’s just a boy,” or “My son did those things too, as a child.”  This way of thinking (or ignoring) is what causes so many children to go undiagnosed, and miss out on life-changing intervention.

Then, the therapists’ and, most of all, your child’s hard work shows improvements, and these people’s incorrect thinking may be reinforced.  They see improvement as time passes, and they credit time for the accomplishments.  Of course these people are not with your child on an hourly basis seeing the hard work and tough choices the parents and child make on a minute-by-minute basis in order to achieve success.

It’s not that parents are looking for a pat on the back from anyone.  We just don’t want people taking the accomplishments from the child who earned them.  After all, the child gave up a ton of playtime, and the family made a lot of sacrifices, to ensure a bright future.

So, when you see a child who’s made great progress while facing challenges of any kind, please know it didn’t just happen with the passage of time.  That child and his support team worked tirelessly to get there.  Behind that recovered child is a mother-turned-advocate, a sacrificing family, strategic physicians, and amazing therapists.

If you know a child who may have challenges, encourage early intervention, so he too can achieve these great heights that seem to occur like magic.

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