Withstanding the Tests

My baby has been put to the tests!  When he wasn’t gaining weight, his G.I. wanted to explore what else might be going on.

We started with blood and stool labs.  Fun!  He also had a liver ultrasound.  This was a breeze compared to the uncomfortable echocardiogram.


To follow up on the liver ultrasound, he did a sweat test, which he hated because he couldn’t bend his elbow to suck his thumb.  So far so good.  No diagnoses.


Most recently, he did an EEG, which I knew wasn’t going to be fun.  We had to get him good and tired so they could observe him both awake and asleep.  I was concerned he wouldn’t fall asleep in a foreign setting.  So, I packed his weighted blanket and his turtle that projects on the ceiling and has a white noise effect.


Another trick would be not letting him fall asleep before we got there.  I was sure he’d fall asleep in the car.  There’s not a whole lot I can do while driving, but I had a backup plan.  It was raining that day, so no one would suspect anything.  Haha!  His brothers egged me on by saying he was falling asleep when he wasn’t.


The hard part was holding his arms down, while trying to keep his head straight while the technician scrubbed and lubricated the contact points, then attached the electrodes.


He did not like it. Every once in a while, in the midst of his back-thrown head, red-faced screaming, he would become silent as he sat up, eyebrows raised, and say, “All done,” with a hopeful look on his face, as if he’d just come up with a brilliant plan to make it all go away.


Then, she wrapped his head so he wouldn’t disturb the electrodes.  She turned down the lights, and ran some strobe lights.  Then, it was time to sleep.  I turned on his turtle, put his weighted blanket on him, and held him tight.  And he was out.



He rarely falls asleep in my arms, so I just stared at him while the doctor stared at us via webcam, as the tests processed.

After several minutes, we woke him and he was not happy about it.  She unwrapped his head, and man, if you want to make someone sweat, this is the way to go about it.  She scrubbed his hair, which he did not enjoy, and we were off.  We don’t have the results yet, but we aren’t expecting anything out of the ordinary.

He’s such a champ!  I don’t expect we’ll need to do any more tests, except for the occasional blood/urine/stool test.  Everything’s been looking fine!

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