Who Are My Sons?

I was reading my old blog I started around this time eight years ago, with descriptions of what my oldest was like as a baby.  There are so many similarities to how he is now.  It has me thinking about who my children are, and the adults they may become.  They have so many individual attributes.



My littlest son is the epitome of a little kid.  He likes to crack jokes, laughs at everything, loves playing with cars, and pretends elaborate scenarios.  He is also unique in that he remembers EVERYTHING he hears.   People are always amazed at what he remembers.  People are most amazed at his vocabulary, eloquence, and knowledge.  I think it’s all because everything he hears just sticks.  He loves cuddles, and knows how to charm me.  He says things I don’t ever remember him hearing before, and we don’t know how he knows it will get the effects he desires.  He uses big words to talk about all the things any five year old talks about.  He loves to talk to new people.  He’s quite the storyteller.  He loves to be dramatic.  His sense of humor doesn’t miss a thing.  I love that we look at each other and laugh at the same things.

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My middle son is a pillar of strength.  He is athletic and loves sports.  He seeks them out without us even introducing them.  He has an appetite I don’t have to worry about, and he’s been that way since the moment he joined this world. His favorite food is brisket, and he won’t walk away from potato chips.  He’s been asking me since he was about three to teach him to drive.  He emotes in a big way.  He is the fashion trendsetter of our family.  He takes time to get the right look, and if he doesn’t have the latest looks, he asks for it!  He’s a really good cuddler.  He is always warm.  He knows what he likes and what he wants and he’ll let you know. When he has a goal, he goes after it.  He has a strong drive and determination. He pushes himself physically, and doesn’t mind getting hurt in the process of mastering a new skill. He and I are on the same page when it comes to not giving up on a dream.


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My oldest son is the artist.  He remembers everything he sees.  When he was very small, he sat down and drew Goofy.  He hadn’t seen an image of Goofy in years.  If you’ve lost something, he probably knows right where it is.  Since a very young age, he has been designing and creating things on his own, out of whatever materials he can get his hands on.  When an idea pops in his head, he won’t do anything else until he creates his vision.  He is in no rush to grow up.  He wants to be in charge.  He likes to make lists and check them off.  He has a natural aptitude for math, science, and music.  He likes to push himself intellectually.  He loves gardening, praying mantises, and learning how bodies work.  He is analytical and loves detail.  I enjoy our conversations about nature, science, and why things are the way they are.

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I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with all these qualities.  So far, we’ve seen little quirks turn into some great talents.  I’m so proud of my three sons.


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