What was I Scared of?


Can we talk about this unsung Dr. Seuss book?  We picked up this used book and it was full of wonderment.

It’s a first person narrative of a character bravely walking in the woods when they come across something or someone they’ve never seen before.  There are a series of startling events and as you struggle to interpret the intent, the story takes a turn and a new perspective is gained.

I was surprised by how funny this story was.  I know many of Dr. Seuss’s books are amusing, but not all, and this little known book is just so silly!  This book tosses you back and forth between emotions, and humor is almost out of place but perfectly positioned.  I was also thrown for a curve with the suspense and thrill of it, which I hadn’t experienced in a Dr. Seuss book, and marveled at my lack of need to have all the answers.  I was laughing and bewildered as the story unfolded.  In the end, I’d have to say I was most eye-opened by the feelings of empathy and inclusiveness I felt by the end, and the desire to become friends with those whose differences might not make sense to me and may even frighten me.

Enjoy the classic rhymes and rhythm you expect from a Dr. Seuss book, while taking a ride in this mysterious “thriller” that will have your guard up, then down, laughing all the way.

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  1. Linda Dubois
    October 31, 2021 at 9:47 am

    This article should be widely publicized.

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