We Eloped to Ireland!

A little over ten years ago, we were young, in love, and planning our wedding.  I might have to say that was the best time of our lives.  We loved traveling and adventure, and wanted to get married in Ireland.  When that didn’t work out, we vowed we would renew our vows in Ireland on our tenth anniversary, and we went on to have a wonderful local wedding that was totally us.  The venue reminded us of our time in Spain, our friends and family made us feel loved, and the music spoke our love story.  We had so much fun with everyone, without ever leaving each other’s side.  We were all about each other, and got many comments after the wedding about how in love we are.  We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, or marriage for that matter.


Our marriage has continued to be full of adventure, and now we have three boys to share it with.  There is never a dull moment.  While our time is spent more on zone-defense than romantic event-planning, we always come back to us and know we are always a team in whatever we face.

Ten years ago, I’m not sure what our image of a vow renewal in Ireland looked like, but we certainly haven’t been talking or even thinking about it these ten years, with small, needy children, and a tired bank account.  It was only when our tenth anniversary was palpable that we even discussed acknowledging the date.  What would we do to celebrate the milestone?  It became the elephant in the room, as neither of us wanted to demand keeping our vow, though we both longed to.  We put our hearts on the line and looked into the costs of keeping our promise.  We never thought it would be possible, but it was going to work!

Our children love hearing the story of our wedding, adore the photos, and would watch the video on repeat if we let them.  Our eight year old, especially, has asked a lot of questions of what the day was like.  All of our boys love a chance to attend a wedding, and will remember the couple’s song if they hear it again.  They just love LOVE.

To make it extra special for the boys, we didn’t tell them we were even going to Ireland until we were on our way to the airport.  We were bringing the most important people in the world, but we were still eloping!

We were excited to plan an intimate wedding for just the five of us, and make our children a big part of it.  They have never been in a wedding before.  They were honored to dress up like Daddy.  Our eight year old was over the moon when we asked him to officiate the ceremony.

We had braced ourselves for a rainy ceremony, but were blessed with unprecedented beautiful weather our whole trip, which got even better starting the night before our anniversary.  It seemed too easy to be true, but a wedding was happening!  I loved the simplicity of it all.



We chose a beautiful friary ruin on a lake, and had it all to ourselves.  Our officiant did wonderfully, and our groomsmen were perfect gentlemen.




We had a lot of fun exploring the ruins and memorializing the event.
















It was a fun time as a family, while still being a romantic event and important time for the two of us.  We confirmed and recommitted our love for each other.  We chose again to be united forever.  And his vows had the same effect on me as they did ten years ago.


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