Waves of Life


SCAN0185You might know I love the music of Switchfoot and Jon Foreman.  It’s not just because they’re cute (sorry, hunny), and write catchy tunes, but because their words relate to me and encourage me and ground me.  Jon Foreman’s articles are written as eloquently as his songs, and this one is a great story of a journey of his that sounds a lot like the journey of life.

I totally relate to his need for spontaneity and adventure, and was immediately with him as I started this read. When the tsunami entered his story, I related to it from an emergency management perspective by default, but it was cool to hear the local reaction and how it changed his perspective of the sea, whom he’d come to count on.

It’s so hard, but he’s totally right.  We can’t count on ANYTHING.  Even something as huge as the ocean will change, and we have to adjust with it.  To find adventure, you have to take risks and take the bad with the good.

I’m lucky to be here, and am grateful for each wave.  Some will pound on me, but some will give me an exhilarating ride!

And maybe I should take up surfing again!

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