Hi, I do most of the behind-the-scenes stuff for the site, like editing photos, drawing images, editing posts, website design and layout, etc.  For the sake of being open and transparent, I wanted to bring your attention to a few aspects of the website here.

First, we’ve added some advertisements to the right side and bottom.  Some are from Google AdSense, so they will appear different to everyone depending on what your interests are (according to Google).

Others are from  I chose Amazon because I feel like it’s a solid company and a place where a lot of people will find things they are interested in.  I put a widget over there that changes based on the reader, like the AdSense one, but another is a music player that allows you to sample music here on the site that I specifically chose.  Some of these songs are ones I use to get the kids excited and to wear them out before bed (Daddy Dance Party!!!).  If you think I should include more songs, or if you would like me to put a widget that shows specific products on Amazon that we have tried and recommend, I can do that.  Just tell me in the comments.

Additionally, links on the website that go to Amazon, such as this one to a Dean Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar are “affiliate links” so if you click on the link, cool, but if you click on the link and purchase the product, Amazon gives me a small percentage (of something – the total price? their profit?  I don’t actually know).  So I may include some links on here, but they will almost always be for products that we have tested, used, and recommend.  Either way, the link will usually be included as part of a description/review of the product, so you will get a pretty good idea of what we think of it.

We don’t expect you to go around clicking on things and/or buying things, but if you do, think of us.  :)

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