Train Days

As part of a three-weekend series, “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles,” a local train station had some fun trains to go see.  It was our first time going, and it was great fun for our little guys.

There were a lot of model trains, some of them quite elaborate.  As I watched my children’s enamored eyes watching the trains going round and round, I looked up to see the satisfied old men running them, and I instantly saw my grandpa.  He passed away ten years ago, but he loved trains, and model trains were his thing.  I suddenly wished for him to be with us, like I never have before, for just this one day.  Why couldn’t he be showing my boys model trains the way these strange men got to?  I finally took comfort in knowing he was very much with us, as I know my love for him and his trains must have influenced my decision to come that day.



In addition to enjoying cool model trains, we got to see a big, old locomotive.  I love the classic old look and imaging what life was like, what people were wearing, where people were going, when they boarded a train like this.



I’m always in awe of the size of these engines.  I was trying to get a good picture of my little guy in front of the huge wheel, but I just couldn’t get his attention.  It turned out he was busy charming the photographer for the newspaper.  He made the next morning’s paper.


It was a great day, full of entertainment, history, and remembering Grandpa.

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