Together Again

Today, 15 years ago, my life took a drastic change. The greek life I never knew, was calling to me. I answered the call, and pledged a sorority, fall of my senior year. I was having a great time during that stage of my life. I had great roommates, great coworkers, great friends, and the sorority was full of really wonderful girls. As part of the pledge period, there is a Presents dance, where pledges are presented to the chapter. I borrowed a dress, got set up with a date, and my fabulous roommate and I barely made it to the bus in time. I think she was still doing my hair on the bus. I was really prepared! Fifteen years ago tonight, we traveled to our event’s unknown location, looking forward to dancing and tons of fun! This was my first real sorority event!

We got there, and immediately, there was a ton going on. The girls were all finding each other and hugging and taking pictures together. They had even hired a photographer. How convenient! I kinda noticed the photographer was young and handsome, unlike the one that came to our Bid Day, but with a camera always covering his face, I never really saw him.


The night went on with food and dancing, and more pictures, until after one photo, the photographer lowered his camera and asked what elementary school I went to.  Feeling my roommate’s look of “The hot guy is talking to you” upon me, I spoke up.  We went to the same school!  Still seeing camera flash stars, caught up in the excitement of the night, and fighting the urge to think this may finally be the moment of running into my third grade crush, whom my friend and I always reminisced about, I searched his face for who he might actually be. I wanted him to be my crush, he could be him, but the boy in third grade had much lighter hair. I needed to settle down, or fear disappointing this poor boy when my face drops if he is not the guy I’m dreaming of. Finally, what seemed like ages later, the photographer spoke again, introducing himself with his first name.  I was so excited! This was really it! My friend was going to die when I called her five minutes from now! But, oh no! There was another boy with the same name in my class back then, who didn’t look too unlike this man before me. What do I say? How do I confirm without possibly hurting his feelings? Screw it! I confirmed his last name. It was him!  I think I died. I don’t remember anything immediately following that moment. I know my roommate grabbed his camera and took a picture of us.


We had been in kindergarten through third grade together at a small private school.  He caught my attention when, in first grade, he asked my friend at a class party, “May I have this dance?”


In third grade, I had a friend take him a note at recess: “Will you be my boyfriend? Circle yes or no,” as I waited, hiding in the playground rocket.  He circled yes, and I was thrilled.  We left that school after third grade, and never heard from each other again.

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I’m sorry if I keep telling this story.  I just don’t know what my life would be if this moment didn’t happen.

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