My sweet little guy is three!  I can’t believe how grown up my baby is.  I know we all love all of our children equally, but each relationship is different.  For me, it goes back to the births.  I very much enjoyed each birth, but my little guy’s birth was very relaxed, and I think I still associate him with that experience.  He was so content in my arms, and still is.


My guy has overcome so much in the last year.  It was a lot of work, but he pushed through.  His personality has bloomed into an adorable, fun guy!  I love hearing him say things like, “I wuv it,” or “I love YOU!” and “It’s cute.”

The night before his birthday, he asked his older brother to pray for him.  My big guy shyly said the sweetest prayer: “Dear God.  Thank you for making my brother in Mommy’s tummy.  I’m excited for his birthday tomorrow, and he’s turning three.”  Then my little guy wanted to say a prayer: “Dear God, Jesus.  Thank you my birfday’s coming up.  I be free.  I go pwaygwound.”  So sweet!  I said good night and told him how happy I was when he was born, and couldn’t wait to celebrate him the next day.  He said, “and you, and me in your tummy.”

He is such an incredible kid.  He must have dozens of guardian angels.  There’s definitely something big in store for him.


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