This is what a 24-hour EEG looks like.

So, this is what a 24-hour electroencephalogram (EEG) looks like.

Last spring, our baby’s therapists, pediatrician, and now pediatric neurologist wanted to be sure his tensing up wasn’t something serious, so she ordered a 24-hour EEG.  Rest assured, it turned out normal and everything is fine.  He just gets some sensory overflow every now and then.

He had to sit still for quite a while, as they attached electrodes to his head.


Next, his head and wires were thoroughly wrapped, to ensure they weren’t tugged off.  The other ends of the electrodes plug into a computer he had to wear on his back.  I had to keep their heavy-duty, night-vision camera directed at his face as much as possible.


With all that being said, he went on as if there was nothing going on.



His brothers even helped me with camera duty.


If you should ever have to remove electrodes from someone’s scalp, I highly recommend soaking the head, submerged in a bath, and using a soapy lather to remove the electrodes.  We had a lot of pain and loss of hair with one that pulled off.

We are so glad to know everything is OK, without having to do anything invasive.


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