The Significance of Turning Nine

I distinctly remember my dad saying there is something about turning nine.  I was about to turn nine years old, I imagine.  He said nine comes with great responsibility and more privilege.

Do you ever feel like you tell your kid the same thing a million times?  When it comes to improving the kids’ behavior, it turns out sometimes it’s just a waiting game in the maturity department.

Our oldest has suddenly matured quite a bit.  Like… since his ninth birthday.  The challenging situations haven’t gone away.  He is just handling them with a lot more maturity.  We are so proud of who he is becoming, and all the effort he is putting in.

Part of me is sad to see such sudden growth.  At this rate, it seems like he soon won’t need us anymore.  On the other hand, I am totally enjoying the privileges we can experience with him now that he is ready.

Here’s to growing up!


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