The High Life

Our day of the Wild Atlantic ended there in Cong.  Not only is the town quaint and cheery, the forest vast and adventurous, but it is the location of Ashford Castle.



Having survived yet another two-hour walk together (our kids may never walk with us again), this was a perfect way to cap off the day.    The castle itself was immense and imposing.




We went inside, and were shown to the dungeon, where we had dessert.  Afterwards, fellow patrons approached us to tell us how well-mannered our children were.  You see, it’s a bit of a fancy place, and they were the only children there.  I was still feeling happy to have survived the forest, but I stored that compliment away for later.


We explored outside after dessert.  Good thing it doesn’t get dark until 11:00p.  There were awesome fortress walls and turrets to try out.


The grounds were what a castle’s grounds should be: well-manicured, decorated ornately, and vast beyond what the eye can see.




If you have any love for period piece movies (I’m a sucker for the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice), this place makes you feel like you are really IN it.  I could have walked those grounds every day for a week.  I told my boys, when they are a successful astronaut, scientist (then the little one turned to give me stink eye, but I wasn’t done), and police officer, they can bring me back here.


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