I love when blessings blind-side me.  And that God is covering me, while I’m tackling what’s in front of me.  He’s not only part of our parenting team, but He has put a huge team of amazing people around our boys.

It’s amazing that only ten months ago, I was alone and lost with a diagnosis, with no one to turn to with the difficult questions.  No one to trust.  Now we have teams of providers who know all of our boys well, and are looking out for them.  They get my boys what they need, sometimes even without me asking.  They’re just on it.

I just got a call from one of the busiest people I know, the scheduler/co-founder of our therapy clinic, saying she got a second spot for my baby to do physical therapy.  That isn’t even the best part.  She got me a spot at a time when my little big guy is there anyway, so there will be no additional time or driving needed!  That is unheard of!

I hadn’t even asked for a second spot.  He needs it, though.  I’m working so hard to get him to crawl, and now that he’s pulling to stand, I’m really panicking he won’t crawl.

I don’t know if they offered me the spot because maybe his physical therapist recommended it, or they saw me crawling around the waiting room with him, or if I suggested it and I just don’t remember.  It doesn’t matter.  They were watching out for him and, despite how busy they are, they were right there for him.


I love hearing that occupational therapists are brainstorming on what might help my baby along.  As I type this, I just got a late evening email from one of his OTs with a quick feeding suggestion.  She is home with her own little ones, and is thinking about my baby.  Who does that?

I spend so many days fighting office staff who don’t care about my children, or doing their job, just to get them the health care they need.  It would be easy to think there just aren’t truly good people out there for my kids.  But then God gives me a day like today.  And I see that He is here. And has been.  Every step of the way.

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