Teaching Independence Day

In honor of our nation’s birthday, during our “school at home” time, we’ve been studying the time surrounding the acceptance of the Declaration of Independence.  Let me tell ya, the complexity of the events was greater than I remembered from school, but we did our best to zero in on the main ideas. We even listened to a little music from Hamilton.  I found it funny that in the same week Britain left the European Union (“Brexit”), I was explaining why 13 colonies wanted to leave Britain, and how there was debate about whether to “leave” or “remain.”

After a brief history lesson and writing assignment about the Declaration of Independence and the events surrounding it, we took our friends we study with on a field trip to our local replica of Independence Hall.  I went many times as a kid, and loved it!  I was so excited to take my kids there!


I made a scavenger hunt to help the kiddos gather facts while we were there. Get it here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/American-Independence-4th-of-July-History-Writing-Scavenger-Hunt-Field-Trip-4666618

Microsoft Word - Independence Worksheet.docx

The docent had a little fun with it and tried to stump us with trick questions.  He told us about the actual first president of the United States (along with 13 others who followed before Washington), though we still feel George Washington is the first.

IMG_2083ac IMG_2086ac

It was fun to have the people, stories, and symbols come alive for the kids.




I loved the precision and beauty of the building.


The best part (at least for the adults), was the audio presentation in the precisely recreated room those discussions actually took place in.  It was replicated with flaws and all, and had every detail, down to the linens and drapes.


This whole lesson has been a lot of fun to research and teach, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do it with my loveys.

I have to admit, I think the kids’ favorite and most memorable part of the trip was seeing the wild chickens. :)


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