Tan Lines

How is it that I’m tan?  I mean, seriously.  Anyone who knows me knows I can’t get a tan.  As a teenager, I would lay out in the backyard for hours in hopes of getting a bit of color, that wasn’t a freckle.

I’m a mom whose life is running from one appointment to another.  Literally.  And trying to keep the kids fed in between.  We don’t get to go to the park or play outside.  The activities I enjoy most all involve sleeping.  In my bed.  So, I don’t understand how I am so dark.  And it’s not my imagination.  There are tan lines.


And I don’t even want to be tan.  The sun and I are not friends.  I have too many freckles to forgive the sun for.  It’s just… over between us.  I don’t want skin cancer.  But somehow I’m getting sun without having an outdoor lifestyle.

I’ve noticed the boys are getting dark too, but sometimes they play outside for a couple minutes while I prepare a meal.  Doesn’t seem long enough to get dark, but I guess it is.  Am I a bad mom for not putting sunscreen on them everyday?

I will choose to hope we are getting some good Vitamin D, because I am not yet ready to douse four people in sunscreen everyday just to drive to appointments.

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