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Choose A Child


Part of what was difficult about starting my two-year-old’s therapies was not being able to do things with my four-year-old.  I felt like I was choosing one child over the other.  I was so concerned about my big guy getting left in the corner, I didn’t expect what was coming next. When my baby needed…



Our schedule’s been getting rough.  A lot of the therapy we were doing in-home, we are now doing in centers.  It means a lot of driving, being away from home all day, packing lunches, sitting in traffic, using the travel potty in the car.  We are still adjusting to the new routine, but the adjustment…

Expect Joy


My son’s diagnosis brought a dark cloud, which seemed to suck the joy out of life.  I selfishly mourned the dreams I had for my children and our family.  I panicked with the loss of control I had over his behavior and our schedule.  His behavior, which to others seems normal for a two-year-old, was…