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Summer 2017 Progress: 38%


We’ve been home from Ireland for two months, and it’s been a whirlwind.  Some people make bucket lists for summer, but instead we’ll just look back on what we’ve done so far. We came back hours before Mother’s Day. Then we had a preschool field trip to the farm. The next day was Open House…

School Year Ends


With Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, and Father’s Day, the end of the school year is coming more quickly than I was ready for, despite a late summer break.  I really didn’t have expectations for kindergarten, but the experience far exceeded what I could have imagined.  We had a really great teacher, did some really cool…

Summer Adventures


This summer, instead of just trying to take my oldest son to the park every chance I get, I’ve decided to take him on adventures.  He loves the freedom to explore, and is excited about finding something new, instead of the same old playgrounds.  I love the opportunity to get some exercise! We’ve explored the…