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Working Two Jobs


My weighted blanket business has been an increasingly bigger part of my life. When I get an order, I just want to work on it until it’s completed. It’s hard to take breaks to take care of stuff around the house, or stop to go to bed. I want the satisfaction of finishing the project…

Who Am I?


With the birth of each child, I have felt a strong calling to be home with them, but finances have never allowed it, and I’ve never had the support of my husband or mentors in the desire.  The birth of my third son coincided with the beginning of my two-year-old’s therapies.  While on maternity leave,…



I’m a Type A, over-achieving first-born who has always found life to be more fulfilling when I push myself to my limits, and make the impossible happen.  I was a shy nerd in high school, who tried out for student government and found myself in front of the entire school, dancing and lip-synching to a…