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This may be the most stressful week I’ve ever had.  And really only because I’m totally sleep-deprived.  There have been weeks where we had many doctor appointments, meaning no naps, and this week, we only had one.  We have a birthday party for our baby this weekend, and our first Individualized Education Plan meeting Friday. …

Milk Production


As a nursing mom, I’m always concerned about my milk production.  Add to that two other kids, and running from appointment to appointment, and milk production is quite a challenge.  Here are some things that help keep my production up: 1.    Nurse Well, duh, you’re obviously doing that.  Nursing is what tells the body to…

DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorial


My baby’s occupational therapists suspect he is comforted by deep pressure.  When I give him compressions, he smiles, so he definitely doesn’t dislike it.  We thought he might sleep better if he had some pressure on him while sleeping.  So, I looked into a weighted blanket.  The more I thought about it, I realized even…