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Fast and Easy Rag Quilt


When I had my first baby, my cousin made him a rag quilt and we totally adore it.  It’s so soft and durable.  I love the shabby chic look, so I figured out how to make one for another cousin.  I have to say, mine is pretty easy, because I made it two layers thick,…

DIY Puffy Bow Tutorial


I had some leftover fabric from my DIY Nursing Cover Tutorial, so I threw together a bow.  I’ve made several bow ties for my boys and friends, but I wanted a bow for me!  I was going for the Minnie Mouse vibe, so I added batting to give it softer, cartoon-like edges. The finished bow is…

DIY Nursing Cover Tutorial


Nursing covers are surprisingly expensive to purchase, and even more surprisingly easy and inexpensive to make.  It’s all straight cuts and seams! I grabbed a yard of fabric for $5 and 1/3yd of boning for $1, and I was set! This will make a nursing cover that is about 40” wide and 24.5” long with…