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Boy’s First Story


My guy doesn’t really love learning to read.  And I feel for him.  I totally remember reading with my parents, them refusing to tell me what the new word is, and me wanting to quit.  It’s hard.  But this guy pushes past the frustration.  I know it’s getting more difficult, as his teacher assigns him…



My oldest is doing very well with his reading.  He can read Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss and other books with short sentences.  Which aren’t easy to find, by the way.  There are children’s books with few pages, but tons of words on each page, and even books with large words, but they often…



As I might have imagined, being a sibling of special needs children is tough, but it’s harder for my big guy than I expected it to be.  He has to go with me to countless doctor appointments and wait hours upon hours in waiting rooms.  I wish I could do something about that, but for…