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Appreciating Mommy

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I really don’t think of my boys as clingy, or “Mama’s boys.”  If anything, they seem to take me for granted (can’t blame them) because I’m always there.  But  then, I had a wonderful opportunity to present Jamberry at a local Valentine’s vendor event.  My oldest son asked to go with me.  He really seemed…

Jamberry Stylebox


I am so excited about Jamberry’s new Styleboxes!  They are a great new way to enjoy Jamberry!  There are so many reasons to LOVE Styleboxes! I’m not the most artistic or creative person in the world, and because of that, I know I’m not utilizing the full potential Jamberry has to offer.  I’m not great…

Jamberry Easter


Easter is such a fun time to be festive. Jamberry has some adorable wraps for girls young and old to get excited about. Whether you have a soft spot in your heart for baby birds, or just love seeing the resembling chocolate malt balls in your Easter basket, you’ll love Robin’s Egg. You’ll win over…

Jamberry Valentines


Oh my goodness!  Valentine’s day is upon us and there are some super cute Jamberry styles that have just been released.  I expected a couple, but there are a lot!  I can’t even decide which I like best, because they are all so different. “Sweet Talk” your crush.   Write some “Love Notes.”   Make…

Black Tie Affair

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my Black Tie Affair and Diamond Dust Sparkle.  I didn’t expect it, but they go well with all my outfits! They’ve been on for two weeks, and no lifting!  I’m glad I took the time to get them nice and hot before applying.



Sorry I’ve been away for a few days!  Here’s why… I’ve stumbled upon something really fun that I can’t get enough of!  Nail wraps!  Nail polish has never stayed on my fingernails, so I rarely paint them.  So, my toenails got all the action.  In college, my roommates and I would take a break from…