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When I Was in Kindergarten


As I send my second son off to kindergarten, I realize it was this time 30 years ago that I started kindergarten.  Some may be surprised at how much I remember about kindergarten. I was in the classroom closest to the playground, before they rebuilt that end of campus.  My teacher was Miss Cathy, though…

The Kinesthetic Alphabet


My little guy may have known his letters since before his second birthday, but that doesn’t keep him from thoroughly enjoying what is being taught in kindergarten, nor appreciating his teacher’s teaching techniques.  He loves teaching his brothers (and us) all that he learns.  So, for your academic delight, here is a fun way of…

Expect Joy


My son’s diagnosis brought a dark cloud, which seemed to suck the joy out of life.  I selfishly mourned the dreams I had for my children and our family.  I panicked with the loss of control I had over his behavior and our schedule.  His behavior, which to others seems normal for a two-year-old, was…