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Fast and Easy Rag Quilt


When I had my first baby, my cousin made him a rag quilt and we totally adore it.  It’s so soft and durable.  I love the shabby chic look, so I figured out how to make one for another cousin.  I have to say, mine is pretty easy, because I made it two layers thick,…

DIY Bunting


OK, so buntings are the new cool retro thing.  You know, those cute flag banner decorations.  I definitely don’t go all out for my boys’ birthday parties, but once in a while, I try to take the time to do something special.  For my baby’s first birthday, I decided to make a bunting. I was…

DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorial


My baby’s occupational therapists suspect he is comforted by deep pressure.  When I give him compressions, he smiles, so he definitely doesn’t dislike it.  We thought he might sleep better if he had some pressure on him while sleeping.  So, I looked into a weighted blanket.  The more I thought about it, I realized even…