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Scary Vacuum!!

None of my kids have liked the vacuum cleaner for some reason.  My oldest didn’t mind it too much, but the younger two have always been afraid.  I suppose it’s the sound, or the light on the thingie at the end (what is that called again?).  Either way, cleaning the floors is always a big…

Off to School


We finally had our Individualized Education Plan meeting for my almost three-year-old, and now hopefully, I will sleep at night.  I was very pleased to see the great thought the four specialists put into his goals and plans for services.  They gave me time to identify areas not covered by their goals and they created…



My sweet little guy is three!  I can’t believe how grown up my baby is.  I know we all love all of our children equally, but each relationship is different.  For me, it goes back to the births.  I very much enjoyed each birth, but my little guy’s birth was very relaxed, and I think…

The Fox

The boys have been obsessed with “The Fox,” a song by Ylvis, a Scandinavian comedy duo.  I finally got them to sing for the camera. Here is my big guy teaching his brother: And here is my little big guy singing the song:

Brother Therapy


I primarily attribute my little big guy’s miraculous progress to ABA.  But I’m sure it’s not the only thing that’s helped him.  In fact, I think there’s something else in his life that pushes him toward excellence.  It forces him to work every waking moment.  He has to think about new concepts, play new games,…

Hide and Seek


I’ve noticed that with the house a mess, I feel defeated in ever getting the dishes and laundry clean.  It is so futile.  But I carry a heavy weight on my shoulders of being “busy” even though I’m not attempting to tackle it.  I busy myself with other things, to escape the overwhelming chores and…