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This may be the most stressful week I’ve ever had.  And really only because I’m totally sleep-deprived.  There have been weeks where we had many doctor appointments, meaning no naps, and this week, we only had one.  We have a birthday party for our baby this weekend, and our first Individualized Education Plan meeting Friday.  Shortly after that we need to plan our Individualized Family Service Plan(?) and another birthday party.  I haven’t spent much time thinking about any of them, which is really bad, because the plans are quite serious.  But that’s just because, without sleep, I have no brain cells to work with.


I almost have an “I don’t care” attitude, except it’s only because I don’t have the energy to care.  Deep down I care, but I just can’t act upon it.  All I can do is pray for God to take over and make His will be done, because I really won’t have a role this time around.  Just a reminder that I always have to give it all to Him.

Praying my children will get everything they need!

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