Summer 2017 Part 2

While busy with their first vacation Bible school, we took a tour at one of our favorite historical parks.  The couple on the tour with us was floored at how nice the boys were, and astute with their questions.  While touring one of the historical houses, a couple was personally shown in, and were introduced as family members of the original family of that house.  He had spent his summers in that house.  The docents were pretty star-struck.


We visited the California Science Center.  This time they had Body Worlds.  It’s an exhibit of bodies that have been preserved so you can see how everything looks inside.  My oldest has been very curious about how things work inside, so Daddy took him to that.  We still love seeing the spacecraft and aquariums.






Afterwards, we were hungry.  Daddy loves eating in Los Angeles (who doesn’t?), so we went to his childhood favorite restaurant, El Coyote.  I love the ambiance there.  We hadn’t been there since we were first dating and his parents took us.20170715_224736b

National Ice Cream Day happened.


Our friends invited us to one of our most favorite spots to enjoy nature, and we loved visiting the butterflies.


Afterwards, we walked on the pier.  It had been a long time.


My oldest knew we were in the area, and insisted we visit his first home.  Sooo many memories!


We had a great (short) visit to the county fair.  The kids had never been, as we don’t love it.  I love the idea of it, but it’s hot, food’s expensive, and it’s kinda boring.  We enjoyed our time together, nonetheless.


I had a hankering to visit Main St. Seal Beach.  I don’t remember the last time I was there, but have lots of childhood memories there.  There was a Girl Scout house there, and we would stay there and walk and shop.  Loved it!  Couldn’t wait for the boys to see the shell shop.  They, of course, bought fidget spinners.  In their defense, they were a really good price, and they had never had any before.




Then, we started another VBS.


On top of that, Daddy convinced me to also put the boys in an evening VBS that same week because… FIVE DATE NIGHTS!!


That was a crazy week.  We did a bit of sewing in there, too, but you may have already heard about that.

Then, my oldest started a camp that we hoped would quench his desire to see the insides of animals.  A biology camp with dissections EV-ER-Y DAY!



Then, we had National Night Out.  I’m nostalgic for this tradition from my childhood.  The yummy food doesn’t hurt either.  I also like running into former colleagues, like our Chief of Police, whom my four-year-old future police officer wanted to be introduced to.  They hit it off pretty well, with a pretend duel later in the evening.


Then, I saw a newspaper headline that kinda broke my heart.  The arcade my dad took me to regularly as a kid was closing down.  My kids had only been once or twice, so I took them down there to say good-bye.  I have to admit it was hard.  The place looked and smelled the same as when I was little.  My dad had played there as a child too.


That brings us up to the 70% progress point of summer.  Some big stuff comes after this!

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