Story Comes to Life

I was waiting for the kindergarten classroom door to open, like any other day, when my little kindergartener came running out, holding up a certificate, saying, “They picked my story!”  His teacher called me into the classroom and explained that the visiting improv acting troupe chose just a few stories to act out, and they chose his!

I remember being in his classroom, teaching science at another table, as he wrote his Easter story.  I remember his teacher saying she was impressed and asked if she could submit it to the acting troupe.  It was three pages long!  He clearly put a lot of thought into it.

Several weeks later, the acting troupe arrived and convened an assembly.  They chose one story from the kindergarteners.  They announced the title of the story and the author’s name.  My little guy couldn’t believe his ears.  God bless his quick-thinking teacher who managed to capture most of it on video.

As much as I adore the theatrics on stage, knowing every bit of them are inspired by my little six year old’s imagination, I am more moved by his peers’ thorough enjoyment of the story.  I wish I could see my little guy’s face as his story played out in front of his very eyes, and his friends cried out in unrestrained amusement.

After the show, the authors were recognized for their writing.  My guy doesn’t usually feel exceptional even when flat out told he is, but he felt it this time.  He felt so lucky to be picked out of all those kids.  He felt honored to have so many students see his story played out.

Imagination Machine1

It was an ordinary day, until it became a day we’ll never forget.  He is a great writer, and I tell him so all the time, but I think on this day, he finally knew it.  I am so proud of him and incredibly happy for him.  Way to go, Buddy!  The best is yet to come!


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