I know I’ve been home for nine months now, but I’ve been so focused on getting the babies the therapy they need, and just surviving day to day life, that I haven’t even attempted play dates.  And with my husband working weekends, I had accepted a life without social events.  We’ve done our best to survive on our remote island.

My husband stopped working the weekend job, to be around more for the kids and help around the house.  Without really realizing it, we slowly started going to more parties and get-togethers.  By summer, our weekends were filling up.  And I was LOVING it!


I was still apprehensive about attempting play dates.  Our schedule was so tight, I didn’t think we’d be any fun to try to schedule something with.  And I didn’t know how well I could handle the three boys on my own.  Until a friend pointed out that, on a play date, I wouldn’t be alone.  I guess I thought there would be an expectation that I can keep all my kids in line, single-handedly.  When I let go of that, I became much more open to play dates.  Now our weekdays are filling up with friends too!  And I REALLY love that!

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