Social Baby

I recently had an amazing experience with my baby.  His eyes met mine, and stayed there!  I’m used to him looking away quickly, so with our busy schedule, I tend to look on to the next thing after he looks at me.  But this time he continued looking at me.

I don’t remember us ever gazing into each other’s eyes before.  He wasn’t looking at my forehead, or hair, or nose, or mouth.  This was the real deal!  I relished the moment that seemed like a lifetime.  It was like a full-body experience, and I would have been OK with canceling the rest of the day to keep it going.

After months without much noticeable improvement, his social interactions have been amazing the last week or so.  I dearly hope it lasts and continues to grow.  He is my sweet little koala and I cherish every opportunity to bond with him!


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  1. Mom
    June 19, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    That is sooooo awesome!!

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