We had a fun day last week!  It was Friday, Daddy only had to go into work for a couple hours before being off for two weeks, and it was pajama day at the therapy clinic.  And that was going to lead well into the next adventure I had planned.

The day before, with a storm passing through, and the pressing reality that our children have never seen snow, I decided I would try with every storm to make it to the mountains to see the snow.  At least, until we were successful at least once.

We don’t have chains for the car, and Daddy works full-time, so we would be lucky to be successful once per winter.  It just doesn’t snow that often, and the place we stay in the mountains isn’t at a high elevation.

I looked up the forecast, and it was supposed to snow where we usually go, so we made a plan.  The cabin wasn’t available, but we would go anyway.  A great adventure to kick off our winter time together!

I called the town grocery store that morning, to see if the snow was still there.  Just because I knew it was forecasted to snow, didn’t mean it would snow a ton.  She said it was almost completely melted.  For some reason, I doubted her.

We decided to just drive until we found snow.  We started with the neighborhood school where I always played in the snow growing up.  It was a fresh, untouched blanket of snow!


The windows in our little minivan quickly steamed as we put layers of clothes on all five of us.  The 39-degree air outside was making its presence known as the wind howled and blew snow off the trees.

We set out on our walk.  My oldest son was excited to see REAL icicles on roofs after seeing so many twinkling ones this season.  My younger sons weren’t too sure about the cold air.

We entered the schoolyard and pranced through the fresh powder.  I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced such dry snow.  Even in my bare hands it was eerily cold without melting.  It just wouldn’t stick together, making it impossible to build a snowman, but perfect for making snow angels!




The younger boys complained about the cold, but my oldest loved it!




We made snow angels, hearts, and pretended to float on the snow.


My baby grinned really big when I spoke close to his face, and I discovered he loved when I breathed on his face.  He’s so cute!


After two hours, we decided to get back in the car to warm up.  We pulled off the layers, and fed everyone in the coziness of our minivan.  We hated to leave so soon, but were so glad to have the experience.

I feel bad the little ones didn’t enjoy it much, but I don’t want to make my oldest wait until he’s older to experience the things that are so magical now.  He’s my little snow angel!


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