Since I’ve been home with our three angels, a big change I’m still getting used to is my husband and I not sharing equity in household information.  In the old days, we dropped the kids off at daycare and carpooled to work.  We shared information about the house, kids, social engagements, etc. and discussed and made decisions together.  We also had the luxury of both sitting at desks all day, and we could call each other or email to bounce ideas off each other when need be.

Now, if I get on the phone, the angels turn into gremlins and scream and scratch each other’s eyes out while I stick my head out the back door with one finger in one hear, straining to hear the person on the other end.  Having the kids at home instead of in daycare, means a lot more work for us.

Yes, I have to lean on my husband to help, even though he works full-time.  So when he gets to work, the last thing he has time for, or wants, is a call from home.  I could email him, but the gremlins will bite my ankles and even my two year old will say, “Get off the computer!”

And let’s be honest, my husband isn’t going to respond anyway.  So, it’s just me.  Going to doctor appointments.  And therapy appointments. They give me instructions to follow.

When my husband gets home, there’s no time to update him.  All I can do is catch him when he does something wrong: “Don’t let the baby bear weight on his feet!”  Then the hubby’s put off.  Or doesn’t take me seriously.  “She’s just overprotective.”  So, like with the kids, I end up having to choose my battles. And look back on the old days fondly.

When we were on the same page down to the minute details.  It was like a honeymoon.  Now, I’m the lone captain of a ship.  That’s full of children.  Who don’t sleep in.  And never stop eating.  And he’s the captain of another ship.  That’s full of tools, sprinkler systems, fruit trees, and entrepreneurial research.

Will things ever slow down enough for us to make decisions together again?Ships


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