Our special needs have required me to stay home, and us to pay for additional expenses.  Not a very economical combination.  I have now entered the world of scholarships.

I never really applied for them in high school.  I was ignorant, without good guidance or much experience.  Now, I apply for each one I come across.  And God is using them to bless us.

The costs involved with special needs can be daunting, and even every day expenses can become too much.  If the bank account is approaching empty, think about entities who might offer scholarships:


  1. Special Needs Organizations

They definitely understand the economical situation you are in, and might offer scholarships for things like doctor visits.  They should also know of other sources of scholarships.  To get you started, we’ve applied to scholarships at Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), and National Autism Association (NAA).

  1. Your City

I want my oldest to do extra-curriculars, but held off because of the expense. Then, I heard the city offers scholarships.

  1. Providers

Talk to your doctor about your ability to pay his fee.  You never know if he may offer a discount.  He may also work with an organization that offers scholarships to see him.

  1. Utilities

I recently heard the utility companies may help out with discounts when times are tough.

  1. Health Insurance

I’ve been told you can write to your health insurance provider explaining your hardship and they may offer discounts.


I’ve never been one to ask for favors, but when it comes to my children not getting what they need, I have to learn to ask.  What’s the worst they can say?  No?

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