Saying Thank You

About a year ago, I went in search of volunteer activities I can do with my toddlers.  One of few organizations who were receptive to my kiddos was March of Dimes.  They said they were getting ready for their Macy’s Shop for a Cause fundraiser and thought it would be fun if my kids colored thank you cards for Macy’s.  They boys enjoyed it!  We even visited a Macy’s and thanked the Manager for supporting March of Dimes.


What’s really cool, is that March of Dimes contacted us this year to do it again.  It drew into sharp focus what a different place my head is in right now.  Don’t get me wrong.  We volunteer a lot more now than we did a year ago.  But my focus is no longer on looking for things to do.  I’m so up to my eyeballs in busyness, I was almost worried I wouldn’t get the cards colored in time.




I appreciate little reminders of how our lives used to be.  The opportunity to do something we used to do makes me feel normal again.

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