San Bernardino Shootings

My heart broke two weeks ago, with the attacks on Paris.  The sadness and support revealed themselves in the French flags posted on social media.  I didn’t expect, less than two weeks later, to see those flags turn to California flags.

It is very hard to hear about shootings, mass shootings, random attacks. With each one, I wonder how possible it is that I will experience one.  Or worse yet, that my children will experience one.  While I think Sandy Hook continues to scare me the most, the recent San Bernardino shooting rings too close to home.

San Bernardino is in a neighboring county to where I live.  It isn’t uncommon to meet people in my everyday life who live there.   The facility where the shooting occurred is a place families in my online special needs networks go to for services. I, myself, have visited our county’s location. And I had my child with me.
The group of people directly affected consisted of County Health workers, having a holiday party. I worked for County health in my county for several years.  We worked alongside each other. We counted on each other. I trained employees from several departments. We were working toward the greater good, to protect our residents.  I would never fathom one of them turning against our family.
We always say this can happen to anyone. This feels much more real now.  This was not a highly-populated area, nor was it a controversial facility. There is no longer a “likely target.”  As we prepare for all hazards we may face, this now needs to be one of them.  I’ve run active shooter scenarios at work, and now it’s time to bring the training home.  I’m not ready to prepare my children, but the adults need to know what to do.
Here is a training video on what to do in an active shooter situation:

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