Reading Yourself Into Guilt

Every once in a while, I come across an article speculating on an environmental factor that may play a role in causing Autism.  Sometimes I avoid reading it.  It’s just such a sensitive topic, how my choices may have forever made my child’s life more difficult.  I’m not saying we shouldn’t look into it.  Not at all.  If there are harmful things in my environment that I’m not aware of, I definitely want to be made aware.  Moving forward, I hope women who want to become mothers can ensure their children are healthy by avoiding things we learn to be harmful.  The problem a lot of us mothers have right now is, there hasn’t been thorough research on any of the speculations being made.  The information moms read can lead them to feeling very guilty.  I’m not saying they should not read the articles, but please know there isn’t enough research completed yet, you’re doing the best you can, and you definitely wouldn’t intentionally harm your child.  When in doubt, know that everything, good or bad, is best done in moderation.  There’s only so much we can control.

In my case, most of the articles speculate about environmental influences that we personally did not have, so, while I can feel less guilty about my choices playing a part in “causing” an illness, I am still completely in the dark in the frustrating world of “Why?”





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