Quality over Quantity

I know children’s development is usually measured quantitatively, like in numbers of words per sentence, or how high they can count, but in this mama’s world, it’s all about quality.

With my first pregnancy, I was stressed about being a good mommy, and my husband always told me to focus on loving them, and the rest would come naturally.  I turn back to that advice daily.  Not only does it help me cope with difficult behavior, but it helps me see blessings more clearly.

While I rarely see quantitative progress every day, I almost daily see qualitative blessings.  I love to see my little big guy’s world expand, as I see him interact more and more with his big brother.  He plays games (made up by his brother) correctly, and seems to enjoy bonding with his brother.  Whether he can articulate it or not, I see him understanding increasingly complex ideas each day.


My biggest concern about my little big guy’s development was that the one basket I’d been putting all my eggs into, would turn out to have a huge hole in it.  What if he wasn’t going to be able to understand and experience love?  The one thing, if nothing else, I thought I could definitely give him?  The number one thing I hoped to experience with him?  My hope and faith is renewed daily as I see him look at me and say, “Watch Mommy!” or even glance at me before he does something bad.


I’m grateful he already knows how I feel about him and his actions.  And cares.

So, while progress isn’t always obvious, and it may take months to check off another milestone on the list, we have to keep hope and watch for the blessings that are showered on us every day.  They may be the ones that matter to us most.

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