Pretend Play

We’ve been needing a little more pretend play in our house, or as Daddy would put it, “Whimsy.”  So, I dragged out the doll-less dollhouse, and had the boys choose from their plethora of Duplo people.  The pretend play brought about more benefits than I was expecting.


The boys picked out people to represent the members of our family.  I arranged the furniture.  Is it weird that designing the interior was my favorite part?

The boys initially took on the roles of themselves, but it got a lot more fun when I had them mix it up so they were the parents.  They did things like come home from work, make dinner, do laundry…  The added bonus was they did the chores together!


Meanwhile, the baby was labeling the objects, which is always good: “Door, bed, potty…”  It was great to see him knock on the door and open it.  He even put a doll on the potty.  Great pre-potty-training sequencing!


I loved being silly with the boys and play something that didn’t limit their imaginations or inhibit their expression of ideas and feelings.  I will definitely watch for more opportunities to pretend with my boys!


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