Popeye Family Costumes

On the lookout for family or group costumes?  This classic is a crowd-pleaser.  Who doesn’t love the nostalgia of Popeye the Sailor Man?  And how cute is Swee’Pea?

Our family may be known for our family costumes, but this one was one of our very first.  When our older son was two, his first time having an opinion about his costume, we wanted our baby’s first costume to tie into the theme.  What cuter to go with Popeye than Swee’Pea?



We had so much fun with it that when our third son was born, we ALL joined in.  The kids still loved Popeye, so we did it again.



The Popeye costume was store-bought.  I think you could also put it together with jeans, a black shirt, red bandana, and a hat.

The Swee’Pea costume was ordered online.  A red onesie would have been perfect, and could be used for tons of other costume ideas too.  A felt collar could be added, and then you just need a hat.

Bluto was put together with khaki pants, a dark polo stuffed with another soft shirt, and a hat.  I caught myself without face paint and used chocolate syrup for his beard.  Strangely, the two-year-old didn’t mind.

Wimpy wore dark pants, big dress shirt stuffed with whatever is convenient, a tie tucked into the shirt (to make it look short), and a suit jacket.  The bowler hat was a cheap online purchase.  Wish I kept it.  I’ll need one again.  I think I used my eyeliner or shadow to make the mustache.

Olive Oil wore a black jersey shirt I already had.  I added a yellow ribbon loosely stitched around the hem (so the skirt could be worn again). I wore a long-sleeve t-shirt with white felt pieces loosely sewn to the cuffs and collar, and boots.


We had so much fun together!  The tradition of family costumes had begun!


I hope these ideas inspire you to do group costumes, and show you how easy they really can be!

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  1. March 19, 2020 at 12:06 am

    Very funny and unique. Great creation.

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