Play Matters

This summer, Daddy got to be part of a great community service project through his work, by serving the community that inspired the creation of the organization he works for.  They got to build them a playground!

(Daddy insists on having some context to the following picture…  as a build team leader, he was required to wear this silly getup…. but the dancing.. that was all his idea… He couldn’t resist when the DJ played Gangnam Style)


I loved the opportunity for my oldest son to see a lot of people get really excited and work really hard for others.  Especially his daddy.


And he doesn’t often get to see his daddy outside the context of parenting, so it was good for my son to see Daddy working with others, leading a team.


I also liked the message of the project.  Children are important.  “Play matters.”


I hope to get more involved in community service as the kids get older.

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