Play First Work Later

We live in an era of instant sharing.  Instantly, I can see that my friend has made a wonderful, educational activity for her child, while I wipe peanut butter off my child’s bed and rush him off to nap.  I’m constantly re-prioritizing.

I think I want to do the things my friends are posting and getting accolades for.  It certainly isn’t fun just doing the daily routine and not getting any reward for it.  I want to be a good mom like they are.

A friend shared this blog post, and it is something I need to hear… often.

While some moms do it all, and do it well, I need to just focus on having silly time with my boys.  No one will see it.  It won’t be Pinterest-worthy, but I won’t regret it.

May God bless my time, and my ability to use it wisely.  Play first.  Work later. :)


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