Our Christmas

The holidays just flew by in a wind of chaos, and before I forget those magical moments, I need to jot them down.

When Christmas Eve came, the boys were very excited for Santa to come.  My youngest ran to the window and pointed at the blow-up Santa on our neighbor’s lawn.  He seemed to think that was who was coming.  Haha!

My oldest made a nice card for Santa and made sure we left plenty of cookies (gluten-free, just in case Santa has allergies) and carrots.  Despite my encouraging him to save his money when he said he wanted to give Santa his money, I found he hid all his coins inside the card for Santa.


At bedtime, we read The Night Before Christmas, Polar Express, and from their Bibles.


They woke to find their stockings full of goodies!


It was great to see my youngest understand how it all works this time around.


They each got things particular to their interests right now.




 The day was full of joy and family time.



 We had some fun outside time too!



 And this was the year of board games!  It’s been so fun to play games I played as a kid.  I even got to beat my oldest with a final move of “I1!”


It was a great Christmas!  And the best part is having Daddy home for a week and a half!

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