Off to School

We finally had our Individualized Education Plan meeting for my almost three-year-old, and now hopefully, I will sleep at night.  I was very pleased to see the great thought the four specialists put into his goals and plans for services.  They gave me time to identify areas not covered by their goals and they created additional goals on the spot.

I was grateful to visit the classrooms he will be in and see what his life will be like.  In one of the rooms, I saw a boy my boys used to play with at our ABA center.  They’ve been missing him since he recently turned three.  He looked like a baby in this structured environment, and it tore at my heart to visualize my own little three-year-old at this school all day.


I’m really going to miss him.  I mean really miss him.  He’s my little baby.  He’s only recently talking enough to make his thoughts known.  I’ve held him close after he was mistreated by a care provider, and haven’t even considered leaving him with anyone.  Now, I’m suddenly going to be without him for five hours at a time.  What if he gets scared?  What if someone hurts him?  I know he’ll be fine, but he IS only three.

I know I’ll miss him, but someone else might have a harder time than I will.  His big brother.  They’ve been together every moment every day since my three-year-old was born.  My oldest son doesn’t remember life before his brother was here.

I told my little big guy his friend was going to be in his class, and he told his big brother the three of them were going to go to school.  I’m sad for my oldest having to watch his brother go to school before him.  I’m also sad for my younger guy to realize he will be on his own without his brother now.  It will be sad for both of them, and sad for me to watch.

My time home with my little guy was shorter than I thought it would be, but I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had with him.  And I’m very grateful my boys had the time together they had.  They really need each other in more ways than I’m even aware of, I’m sure.

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