Nothing Between Us and Newfoundland

When planning our trip to Ireland, I knew our kids would want to explore and delve into nature.  What better place to do that than a beach?  I researched the beaches and chose the one considered the most beautiful in Ireland.

On our third day in Ireland, when we drove to County Mayo, we were told the weather had only turned for the better when we arrived, and wouldn’t likely last too long.  We decided to do the beach right away, in case the beautiful weather turned.  We drove out to the farthest point of Achill Island.


As we drove on the curving edge of the mountain, the pristine beach came into view.  It was like the mountain was wrapping its arms around this special place.


There were few people there, and the boys were excited to have free reign in this beautiful paradise.


The boys had a lot of fun collecting Sea Gooseberries (Ctenophora).  They were the cutest little jellies!


I just enjoyed the view.



When the boys got chilly, we got them dressed and had some lunch.


Again, with the view.


I mean, come on.


Then, Daddy led us on a hike up the mountain.  We stopped several times for our four year old to rest.  It was a real bummer to frequently relax with this view.



And this one.


Though we had to accept we had to walk in the sheep’s droppings (we encouraged aiming for the dry stuff), the tufts of grass made for great stepping stones, and cushiony seats.


It was a two-hour journey of cooperation and compromise.  Now we say, “If we can climb a mountain together, we can get through anything.”


We made it to the top, where we saw the ocean crashing against the side of our mountain.  We had ocean on both sides of our summit.


It felt great up there.  And nothing could be more exhilarating than the accomplishment of making it to the top as a family.


Seriously, though.  How beautiful is this wool blowing in the wind?



Learning materials I made for the kids to learn and understand where they were are here:

Microsoft Word - Achill Info.docx

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