My Baby Started School

I don’t know how I neglected to post about my baby going off to school last November, but I suppose the holidays got me distracted.  It was super hard to say good-bye to him, but he loved it, and it was only for a few hours a day.  He was so ready.

Everyone continuously said I must have a ton of time to myself now.  To be clear, with three kids, at three different schools, with three different drop-off times, and three different pick-up times, there wasn’t enough time to do anything.  I had to be at a school just about every hour of the day, making it hard to give naps, prepare or even serve food, use a bathroom.  You could forget about getting gas, stopping by a store, or eating anything.  I was stuck in the weather without a break all day.

I was just glad my preschooler wasn’t at school ALL day and we could still spend a lot of time with each other, even if it was at various schools.  He had a great teacher, and started working on the skills he will need for next year.

Looking forward to another fun year of preschool!



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