I recently took my big guy to the movie theater for the first time.  Before kids, I lived at the movies.  I grew up going a lot, and went with friends all the time as a young adult.  After we had our first baby, we almost never went.  We rarely go on dates, so we’ve only been a handful of times in the last five years.  This Mommy-Son date truly felt like a date.  It was so special for both of us!

I guess I gave up on waiting for the whole family to be ready to go together, and felt he was getting a bit old to have never yet been. He’s been mature enough to go for some time now, and there are privileges that should come with such maturity. The other boys can go when they show their own readiness.


I made sure to get there early, so he could take it all in.  The lights and signs outside.  The ticket window.  The glamorous lobby.  The smell of popcorn.  He wanted to hold his own ticket.

He walked slowly, tightly clutching my hand.  He looked at everything.  He immediately found his reflection in the lobby ceiling.  He asked about the huge movie posters and displays.  There was a whole world of entertainment awaiting him.


I wanted him to see the theater with the lights still on, so he knew where we were and what we were there to do.  He absolutely loved the trailers for upcoming children’s movies.  The one-liners, the short clips of absolute silliness.  He would look at me and just laugh.

I’ve never appreciated other children’s laughter in a theater so much.  I got to experience it from the perspective of a mom enjoying her child’s joy.  More than once my eyes met those of another mom after our children laughed.  No words were needed.

Our featured film was Planes.  He laughed hardest when he saw the tractors, which he remembered from Cars, and the ride at Disney’s California Adventure.  If only Mater made an appearance, he would have been over the moon.

While the movie was a bit hard for him to follow, especially when characters changed their paint colors, he did enjoy it.  The whole movie experience was magical.  It reminded me of romantic dates with my husband, and losing myself in a story.  I was elated to watch him take in the captivation of the movie experience.  I’m so glad we got to share that special moment in his childhood memories.

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