Milk Production

As a nursing mom, I’m always concerned about my milk production.  Add to that two other kids, and running from appointment to appointment, and milk production is quite a challenge.  Here are some things that help keep my production up:

1.    Nurse

Well, duh, you’re obviously doing that.  Nursing is what tells the body to make milk, so nursing frequently and for several minutes is important.  Even if you seem to be empty, switch sides a few times so your body gets the message.

2.    Sleep

No one ever says sleep affects milk production, but for me, it has the biggest influence.  When I wake frequently in the night, I have little milk in the morning.  If I can get several hours of uninterrupted sleep, I have a ton.  And it lasts all day.sleep

3.    Eat

It’s hard to make time to eat when caring for kids, but it takes a lot of calories to make milk.  So, I cave into packaged snacks I can take with me and eat quickly, like granola or protein bars.

4.    Drink

Obviously milk is primarily water, so I have to make sure I take in plenty of fluids throughout the day.

5.    Fenugreek

Sometimes I drink tea that has fenugreek and fennel, to boost my production.  It adds about an ounce to my feedings.  I also have fenugreek seed capsules.

6.    Pump

Much like nursing increases production, pumping can too.  Sometimes I’ll pump after the baby goes to bed, to put an extra demand on my body, and so I have extra milk to supplement his baby food with.  I use the Medela Freestyle pump and love it.

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