Men Who Sew

I guess it’s because they’ve grown up seeing me on the sewing machine a lot.  I rarely hand-sew, so I’m not sure what inspired the hand projects, but they love them.  They come to me with their idea and just ask for the materials.

It started when my oldest made himself a pillow a couple years ago.


Then, last year my middle son made “outfits” for his tsum tsums.


Right before my birthday this year,  they all clamored to make me something.  Of course they wanted to sew me pillows.  All three of them.  At the same time.  They were still inexperienced and got impatient waiting in line for thread to be cut, threaded, tied… My six year old would get really upset when there were mistakes.  And there were always several.  Happy birthday to me!




I don’t know what happened yesterday, but my oldest announced he wanted to make a stuffed animal, and of course my six year old wanted to make one too.  I wanted to head for the hills.  I knew there would be meltdowns around every corner.  I don’t even know how to go about making a stuffed animal.  Luckily, they desired no input in their designs.  Though, I still feared their reactions, should the finished products not match their imagined outcomes.

They designed their projects, I cut the fabric, and they started sewing.





I was surprised how well they did.  They worked several hours straight, breaking only for hydration.  And there was NO WHINING!  I don’t think I’ve seen them go that long under even the best circumstances without whining.  Let alone a slow, tedious, task full of mishaps.  I literally only tied knots.  And they didn’t even complain when they had to wait.  They cut their own thread, and threaded their own needles.  Making stuffed animals means a LOT of starts and stops.  SO many pieces.  I am just amazed how well they handled it and stuck with it.





They worked several hours straight, going to bed later than usual.  My youngest had pulled out the pillow he had started in March and finished it just before bed.  My six year old also finished in time to sleep with his stuffed animal that night.  My oldest got up in the morning and worked hard on his animal until it was finished just before heading to Vacation Bible School.

It may have been more of a task in design, engineering, and execution than tailorship, but it was great to see some serious dedication.

So proud of these guys!


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